Personalised Travel ID Tags - Accessories

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Presentation Tins
Can Openers


Dog Tag Set

This light weight metal storage tin is ideal for your personalised set of Identification tags. Don't lose your ID tags when your not travelling , place them in your storage tin and you will always know where they are ready for your next trip away!

US Military Can Opener

This light weight Can opener is US made and has been used by US military forces for a number of years.

Dog Tag Chain Set

We offer a range of chains in Stainless Steel, Brass and Blackened brass in different lengths to suit all purposes.

Dog Tag Silencers

This set of 2 silencers are designed to stretch around your stainless steel tags and to reduce noise. They are made of silicone rubber and are sourced from the United States. They are also non toxic and non allergenic. You can remove and replace your silencers from the tags quickly and easily however do not over stretch the silencers as they may break. The silencers have a life span of 2-3 years if looked after properly.

New products coming 2020!