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Dog Tag Set

This set of 2 genuine 304 military grade stainless steel tags are approx 2" long(approx 50mm) x 1 1/8" wide(approx 29mm) These tags are made in the USA to military specifications and have rolled edges to prevent any cuts or scratches. We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on these tags that your personalised information will not wear off!

Dog Tag Chain Set

This set of 2 genuine stainless steel beaded chains consist of 1 x 27" (approx 68.5cm) and 1 x 5 1/2" (approx 14cm) These chains are made in the USA and have a breaking strain designed to avoid any choking hazzard.

Dog Tag Silencers

This set of 2 silencers are designed to stretch around your stainless steel tags and to reduce noise. They are made of silicone rubber and are sourced from the United States. They are also non toxic and non allergenic. You can remove and replace your silencers from the tags quickly and easily however do not over stretch the silencers as they may break. The silencers have a life span of 2-3 years if looked after properly.

Thankyou for visiting TravelTagMan. We are an internet business based in Adelaide South Australia, making available personalised identification tags or 'dog tags' to the general public who need a high quality long lasting product to identify themselves or their luggage whilst travelling away from home.

'Dog Tags' have been used for over 100 years for identifying people and it is a quick and simple way of giving piece of mind to loved ones at home that if the need arises they will be able to be contacted quickly in the case of an emergency.

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